Award Shows are highly glamorous events. There is a lot to do an experiment in such shows. It is essential to hire an Black Riders Production service in this scenario that has considerable experience. Black Riders is one such platform. We understand that the attendees expect a lot from such shows. It is because they come to such events to unwind. With the best music, set-designs, and lightening setups, we leave no stone unturned to make your award shows the way you want.

Why Hire Us?
We Make Best Use of Your Location
We make sure that your location for your award show is put to best use. Everything needs to be planned and set according to the area and space of your venue. If you have an open area, we assist you where to build a stage and where to keep the sitting arrangements. Moreover, there has to be ample space for control rooms for technicians. We have professional people to meticulously construct these set-ups.

Best Stage Designing :- The main attraction of your show in the visual arena is your stage. All winners, anchors, and speakers will use it and all eyes will be on stage. Therefore, your stage has to be amazingly designed and constructed with the best lighting, sound, and displays. We do everything with finesse to make your stage look appealing to the top extent.

We Take Rehearsals As Well :- The on-stage rehearsals are often left out thinking them to be irrelevant. However, this notion is wrong. Our team is equipped to analyze rehearsals. This helps us to get the idea what all can be needed to be done on the last leg of preparation. Rehearsals are very important as participants get acquainted with the facts like where to stand and perform etc. This makes them comfortable and prevents awkward moment on the final day.